I am a photographer living in Southern California with a background in art, design, and arts education. My key aesthetic inspirations are close examinations of architectural forms, observing entropy in the urban environment, and recording details of destructive human impacts on nature.

My photographs, paintings, and prints have been shown in Seattle and Los Angeles, including the exhibit Memory In Forms at the Neutra Institute Gallery in Los Angeles. 

Following studies in Fine Art I pursued a career as an art director in the fields of entertainment and publishing. In arts education I developed and taught visual literacy programs for public schools, art museums, graduate level photography students, and adult educators. Recently I completed a three week drawing residency at the Morris Graves Institute in Loleta, California.

Currently I am completing a commission photographing an architecturally significant home in Santa Barbara. The project will culminate with the art direction and design of a set of books interpreting the long arc of construction and the completed form of the house.

Please contact me if you have any questions.

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